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Zion BLAZE DDR4 available in pack of 2

India’s No.1 genuine memory brand Zion RAM’s gaming series memory module BLAZE DDR4, is all set to roll out in a pack of 2. With increasing demand in DDR4 RAMsand a rise in requirement of dual channel memory from the gamers and enthusiast has convinced Zion to come with the dual packaging of the Gaming RAMs.

Clocked at 2400 MHz and with a warranty of five years (3+2years), It is #builtforextremes and gives you #peaceofmind both at the same time.Now double the power in the hands of gamers. With the ability to run in dual channel and more increase in the performance, the memory is ready to take on the needs of the extreme games and provide superior potential to max out those FPS.

Zion Blaze DDR4, is designed for fiery speed and extreme gaming experience. It’s finely crafted aluminium heat spreader allows instant heat dissipation leaving behind a superior over clocking headroom. Built with the best quality IC’s and components each module is screened and tested for performance and effective cooling making it an ideal choice for professional gaming and rendering applications. Engineered for all available processing platforms, Zion Blaze DDR4 delivers highest speed at the lowest power consumption.


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