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With new logo, to new heights…

(Mr Lynn Wang, V.P. SOHO Business, TP-Link India Pvt Ltd spoke to Infofriend team about their plans and expectations for the new year.)

How was the Channel market in 2016

The channel market in 2016 has seen many ups and downs, with the demonetization in the last quarter of 2016 and catching partner’s off-guard. We have also witnessed positive response from the customers in terms of purchase value during the festive seasons. On the global scale, according to the IDC report, TP-LINK was ranked No.1 and here in India TP-LINK is all set to become the trend of the market with new innovative products and solutions.

The year 2016 for TP-Link had been the “Ten Point Program” viz

  1. Up-growth YoY , double digit
  2. Global & Local Rating by IDC as the Leaders
  3. New Product Introductions
  4. Channel Enhancements
  5. Channel Engagements
  6. Branding / Image Build-up
  7. Up-scaling of Manpower Infrastructure
  8. Geographical Expansion into B & C Class Cities
  9. Office Infrastructures expansion.
  10. Strengthening Service infrastructure Team.

We are proud to say that we have been able to achieve these feats, to quite an extent

What you think are the Milestones of TP Link in 2016?

The year 2016 marked the 20year anniversary for TP-Link, and we have become mature and strong players in the market. The young brand has now become a market leader.  To mark this milestone, in 2016 TP-Link revamped its logo to a more consumer friendly style.

TP-Link introduced Smart home products along with Industry graded accessories.There are new technologies advancing in the networking market like the all new AC wireless standard which has proven to be more powerful than the previous N wireless standard.  TP-Link is the first company to come up with AD Standard wireless technology. Also there has been advancement in security sector of wireless world with addition of IP6V support to the products, and we at TP-Link believe to be up-to-date with this technology and have proven to walk step by step with new technologies and implemented same in our offerings. TP-Link has already launched a range of products that supports AC standard and you will soon see many more, and then there is M7350 4G Sim card router for future fast Wi-Fi Experience on-the-go. To cut a long story short you will see a wide range of products from TP-Link in 2017.

We are happy to announce that TP-Link has expanded its reach in India by investing in new HO in India, situated in Mumbai.

Expectations in 2017?

TP-Link has seen a steady growth in networking market in India as well as on the global scale and I believe that the networking market has a huge potential in the future. We are continuously working on  new technologies and new innovations required to make wireless connectivity more reliable and efficient. The high end applications and faster access of online gaming, online movies, security, and mobility are the key trends and driving force for faster access on the network. TP-Link is in the forefront with faster gadgets and wireless gateways that allows the world to get connected faster. Some of the standout products include the AC series routers and the LTE sim routers, which keeps you connected while-on-a-go all time everywhere. TP-Link is here to provide the infrastructure to our consumers for their dream of a connected world. Our future plans include, opening up the SMB products basket, strengthening our manpower infrastructure to leverage various channel verticals, to reach out to consumers including traditional IT channels, LFRs, SFRs, online & ISPs with greater ease. We also plan to be the part of growth roadmap of B, C & D class Cities, participation into all national and State-wide trade shows and exhibitions , improve branding value by continuously introducing the technological advanced Products, increase channel engagement by introducing various channel oriented programs (Quarterly & Yearly) to gain customer loyalty, three directional expansion viz products, channels and geography.

Line up for 2017

You will see many new and innovative products from TP-Link, with the all new Archer Series expansion, to cater to completely new vertical of smart homes.

Message to channel partners

The partners can sell more by joining hands to provide the consumer with better technological products by mapping their requirement.  It is equally important to join hands with the global brand which gives them technically competent products to service the needs of the customer who will have a better user experience.

TP-Link will always be there with you to give the best products and solutions to the customer.

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