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PhotoFast TubeDrive and TubeReader for Apple launched in India

PhotoFast has launched two new accessories for iPhone users. The PhotoFast TubeDrive is a smart YouTube player that downloads and plays YouTube videos as well as acts as a personal data backup storage device for iPhones. The compact and powerful TubeDrive allows Apple users to access and manage all their media and data. It also acts as a USB 3.1 Storage for iPhone, iPad and iPod. The elegantly designed TubeDrive has extremely fast reading and writing speed with a user-friendly interface. File encryption is available for one or multiple files. There is an App lock unlock feature and it supports Touch ID as well for security. The PhotoFast iFiles+ app makes it very convenient to play, copy and move files, take backups and manage

PhotoFast Call Recorder launched in India

PhotoFast, a premium smart accessory brand based in Taiwan, has launched the Call Recorder, the world’s first 3-in-1 mobile and internet phone call recorder for iOS.  The PhotoFast Call Recorder is an all-in-one device that helps Apple users record phone calls, listen to music and expand iOS storage capacity. The versatile PhotoFast Call Recorder helps iOS users record mobile and internet phone calls with a one touch recording button. A 3.5 mm headphone jack helps listen to music and call recordings. A memory slot expandable up to 256 GB allows users to enhance the storage capacity on their iPhones or iPads which is one of the most desired feature when using Apple products. Also, recorded files can be converted into text, allowing communication ease during meetings and

PhotoFast intros 4K iReader microSD card reader for Apple

PhotoFast has introduced the new 4K iReader microSD card reader for Apple, in response to Apple users’ urgent demands for better storage, transfer, and backup solutions following the release of the new iPhone 7 series. The iPhone 7 series is equipped with 12-megapixel sensors that record 4K high-definition videos, but at the expense of storage space and high bit rate. Taking this into account, PhotoFast has put together years of experience in developing excellence to create the new 4K iReader, providing Apple enthusiasts the all-in-one high-speed storage solution. Featuring the Lightning and USB 3.0 dual interface, the PhotoFast 4K iReader allows users to purchase memory cards according to each individual’s needs. The choice of memory capacity is yours; enjoy easy cell