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Lian Li Strimer RGB Cable Now Available for Pre-Order

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd. has announced that the world’s most innovative cable extension, Lian Li Strimer RGB cable, is now available for pre-order. Traditional PSU cables are either dull or look messy and becomes a challenge to builders and gamers, becoming a task to manage and keep the cables tidy. Sleeved cables have become a trend and allowed a cleaner, more stylish solution into managing and presenting cables, coupled with cable combs, they made a good option until now. Lian Li is revolutionizing the cable management game with the Strimer cable LED. Lian Li has made improvements since the debut of the Strimer and have reinforced and improved the durability greatly on the final design. Lian Li has improved the manufacturing process

Unleash Maximum Airflow with Lian Li PC-011 Air Chassis

 Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd., has announced its ultimate platform for cooling with the Lian Li PC-O11 Air high-airflow chassis. Bearing the same multi-chamber design as the PC-O11 Dynamic, the PC-O11 Air takes that design and maximizes it for the best amount of airflow and cooling ever. The perfect chassis for high-performance workstation where cooling is a must for stability and performance, the PC-O11 Air guarantees unmatched cooling potential to take your build to the fullest. Ultimate Cooling Potential As the name suggests, the Lian Li PC-O11 Air is intended for maximum airflow providing watercooling enthusiasts and performance seekers to get the best cooling possible from the chassis. The PC-O11 Air can mount up to three 360mm radiators concurrently and the front vent