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‘Always ahead’ with innovation

( Mr Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India pvt ltd. spoke about the accessory market in India.) How has the accessories segment been so far ? The accessories segment is doing fairly well, this is due to the mobile boom. Accessories like power banks, earphones, headphones, headsets have their own space in the market.If you notice the accessories market is also seeing a rapid change in terms of introducing multifunction products which also helps a buyer feel satisfied as he is getting multiple products for the price of one. Speaking of multi-functional products Zebronics had launched a 6 in 1 power charger called Esteem, it is an all in one portable device which is wireless speaker, LED Torch, Power Bank and also comes with cycle

Mobile phone Accessory trends to look out for in 2018

(Mr.Manoj Kumar Pansari, CEO, Astrum Holdings Ltd. spoke to Infofriend about the new trends in the mobile accessory market.) Every Smartphone user is highly aware with the device’s capabilities and continued innovation that’s happening in the mobile technology. This extreme awareness has fuelled the market growth which in turn is resulting in the rise in adoption of smartphone, across the world. The increased adoption of smartphones is due to affordability, rising net worth and rapid migration of rural to urban areas. This growth is leading to more technological advancement in the mobile phone accessory market. In summary, the market is rapidly expanding across the globe. The online channels are a great contribution towards the growth of this market too. Since people today have