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Striving for a safer IT environment

Govind Rammurthy, CEO& founder – eScan spoke with Infofriend on eScan’s plan for the new FY and the new trends and threats in the cloud computing segment.

What are the current security risks of the cloud computing? What are the solutions eScan provide to cloud users?

Compliance violations and theft of Intellectual property rights along with Security Breaches of the Cloud Platform are the major security risks in cloud computing. Numerous compliance frameworks require that the organizations should know about the state and location of the data and while moving the data to the cloud may result in such violations. Furthermore, in order to successfully breach the cloud platform, criminals tend to conduct Spear Phishing attacks and subsequently gain access to the sensitive areas within the organization.

Cloud Security solutions by eScan offer centralized solutions to allow the enterprises to effortlessly manage their endpoints with the least available resources when compared with the in-premise hosted security products. eScan cloud security ensures a prompt response and an advanced level of detection that provides superior protection from data leak. It ensures real-time protection against advanced malware such as worms and Trojans by blocking the threat before it damages endpoints. It automatically analyzes, classifies, detects and quarantines 99% of new malware discovered every day in real-time.

Where are the big growth opportunities in this segment and how do you plan to target these?

The changing IT infrastructure landscape is gravitating towards the OPEX model from CAPEX model due to the fast-changing technologies. As data centers and cloud technologies enable companies to seamlessly migrate between technologies as well as reduce cost, the acceptance levels for datacenters and cloud solutions are fast becoming the trend. As the data remains in external locations, companies major worry remains about the safety and security of the same. Hence, the deployments of a robust security solution along with datacenter offerings are an integral part to win the customer trust. Our solutions are designed keeping in mind the various small to large enterprises using the data center and cloud solution for their IT needs and is agile enough to provide real-time protection for data and application security.

Please share some of the innovations that you are bringing to the market for the cloud users?

Our solutions are designed keeping in mind the various small to large enterprises using the data center and cloud solution for their IT needs and is agile enough to provide real-time protection for data and application security.

eScan’s Internet Security Suite provides extensive protection from not just Spear Phishing attacks but also from Malware/Trojans, Hacking Attacks targeting various services including Remote Connectivity Services. We at eScan believe that every asset of an organization can be targeted and there is a need for a holistic approach to tackle the present-day threats.

How well defined your channel ecosystem is? Can you share the model you follow to penetrate into various markets?

Being an agile and channel-centric organization, we engage with our channel partners closely in all security deployment and support needs. Channel enablement is one of our essential partner programs, which creates a win-win situation for mutual growth and long-term association for GTM activities. We strongly believe channel partners are our extended family and help us expand our reach and proactively position our product and solution with the end users. One of our key channel initiatives is around partner enablement and training. For partners, who are signed into our program, we conduct regular training programs on sales, pre-sales, and support. With an aim to reach the audience from large enterprises to small businesses, we have a 24×7 technical team to provide support via email, call and online chat. They not only help our partners in promoting the right technology usage to our customers but also provide the first level of support. This helps in channel empowerment and builds strong trust to expand among our customers and partners.

 What are the challenges that you are facing today? How do you plan to tackle these challenges?

One of the weakest links in the growing digital transformation is people or users. Most of the malware outbreaks are due to poor knowledge of user towards security or being not aware of the precautions to be taken to stay safe. Having said that, a large challenge remains at the deployment level, where adequate security measures are not implemented or IT systems are not updated in time. To overcome such challenges, eScan has made its products and solutions designed in such a way that with minimalistic human intervention cyber threats can be contained and outbreaks can be prevented. This includes proactive patch management updates/alerts to group-wise rules and policies deployment with a central web-based management control to track and mitigate any untoward incident such as Ransomware attacks to APTs or targeted attacks.

Apart from the above, the biggest challenge today that we see is educating the users about the importance of security and best practices to stay safe in the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. The growing cyber threats from APTs, DDoS or Ransomware attacks reported by infrastructure, government and businesses in recent times shows the vulnerability of the technology dependency. Hence, it is of paramount importance that IT Security is seen as the cornerstone of the digital adoptions.

Key differentiation which sets eScan apart from its competitors

With over 2 decades of pure-play IT security solution provider, eScan is well poised among its global peers owing to our strong R&D team. We as the security solution developers have been continuously building and strengthening our technology that uses the latest Artificial Intelligence to IoT based specific solutions to be ready for the next wave of change in IT adoption. With our prolific R&D processes, today eScan is chosen as the preferred security partners by enterprises for its agility to provide customizable security solutions for small to large enterprises.

What are your expansion plans and localization strategy? What does your road map as a whole look like for the next one year? Please share investment plans.

As said before being one of the pure-play IT security providers, we work continuously towards a safer IT environment for businesses to individuals. Our R&D teams work relentlessly to develop solutions that are easy to use as well as ready to mitigate any security risk arising emerging sophistication of the attacks. We invest our significant time in staying ahead of the technology changes and trends to provide real-time security solutions for our customers to stay safe from any kind of cyber threats. Be it the emerging threats involving IoTs or sophisticated malware attacks such as Ransomware, our team have stood guard with solutions.

We are in the last quarter of the year, would you like to share a few IT trends that will drive the industry in upcoming FY.

2018 has been a trendsetter in terms of the attacks and more specifically in the area of Ransomware and it will continue to grow. Remote Access Services would be targeted by APT actors to gain a foothold within the network. Web-Application / Services have always been the easy target and this year, we may come across data-breaches by way of exploitation of these services.

Android- based malware is continued to grow at an alarming rate.

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