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Rashi charts action plan for future growth

Infofriend spoke with Mr. Rajesh Goenka, VP- Sales & Marketing, Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd. on the channel satisfaction survey of Rashi conducted by GfK.

What is the main purpose behind conducting this survey?

The objective of the survey was to ascertain key strengths, weaknesses, improvement areas and partner perception for each of Rashi Peripherals’ branch offices. The findings also highlighted key action items for Rashi Peripherals for each of their branches. The survey also helped Rashi identify & validate process compliance and devise an action plan for future growth.

What are the major facts that you incurred by this survey?

Each part of the business is very important and we wanted partner’s feedback on each Business process, right from Order pick up to execution to marketing and sell out support.

How was this survey conducted?

The survey was an extensive process it was conducted by Gfk representatives visiting and   interviewing more than 1000 partners in 64 towns. This gave us true feedbacks and that we are thankful to the partners to take out the time to answer the questionnaire consisting of approx. 60 questions.

Why was Gfk your first choice?

They are world no. 1 and most reputed when it comes to research and survey analysis. It was a win-win situation since they were new in the IT field and Rashi Peripherals also wanted to be sure of being on the right path of success. Their being new in the IT sector helped for an unbiased and effective results.

How will this survey affect the future of rashi peripherals?

We have made elaborate plan for improvement. Some of the concerns like service, Scheme communication, Sell out support have already been beefed up. In fact just in last 45 days Rashi has implemented three SI programs for partner sell out.

Generally vendors conduct these surveys for better market understanding, why did rashi peripherals as a distributor take this initiative?

Rashi has always been different. And we believe in continuous improvement and not talk about improvements. We do not worry for the costs as even one improvement can give us enormous ROI.

What were the key factors affecting the partners positive response?

Branch Head relationship and confidence in Rashi were the most positive aspects of rashi peripherals and the people who represent rashi peripherals. This helped in the positive response and majority of partners felt like a part of the Rashi Family which is very motivating.

Were the findings significant to the sales strategy of the company?

We need to gradually move to encourage orders through Purchase Orders, streamline some RMS process

What were the new findings that you received after this survey?

It has cemented our belief in current Rashi system and process. We have been proved to be improving on the right track. There has been some scope of improvement in the service area of some branches which has been taken into consideration and solved with an immediate effect.

What do you predict for the future of the market by the help of this survey?

This survey remarked on some areas that we need to work on like we need to improve our focus on breadth, Enterprise and PC business. These areas were identified and categorized according to cities and states which helped us find the problem and provide an appropriate solution. We have embarked a plan to cater to these segments.

How was the experience working with Gfk?

It was an excellent experience. The amount of hard work and efficiency that was put in this survey was just outstanding. The best part was the time management, a survey of this scale almost covering the whole country was conducted including face to face interviews in just a span of two and half months. This swift work and great response is phenomenal.

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