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CADYCE launches CA–HDC5M HDMI 5M cable


CADYCEe has introduced CA–HDC5M  HDMI 5M cable in Market.

Now you can share and enjoy your choice of movie, shows or videos from your PC or laptop to big screen by using HDMI 5M cable and enjoy incredible picture and sound quality.  CA-HDC5M connection transmits uncompressed audio-video data in 100 percent digital form. That adds up to world-class viewing experience, with pixel-for-pixel video accuracy and audiophile-quality sound.

CA-HDC5M transmits crystal-clear digital video, multi-channel surround audio, and advanced control data through a single cable. Resulting in user friendly device and eliminates need of separate audio cable. With CA-HDC5M you can enjoy all benefits of Ethernet connectivity as it allows internet sharing, home entertainment networking for HDTVs, DVRs, Gaming and many more IP enable device with no hassle of Ethernet connectivity.

CADYCE has introduced two variants of the product one is CA-HDC5M with 5 meter length and the other is CA-HDC3M with 3 meter length depending upon your requirementIt’s easy to handle, user-friendly and gives complete value for money. You can connect your TV, DVD, Digital Cameras, Share your internet and gaming consoles easily and can enjoy high definition audio video quality.


  1. Supports HDMI 1.4
  2. Data Transfer speed 10.2Gbps
  3. Supports 3D and 4K resolution of up to 4k * 2k @30 Hz
  4. 1 Digital Surrounded sound Support.
  5. Cable Gauge 24 AWG
  6. Higher resolutions and faster refresh rates for uncompressed video
  7. Ethernet connectivity, allowing connected devices to share an Internet connection

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