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Cadyce launches CA-C3TDS USB-C Travel Docking Station


The Cadyce’s recently launched (CA-C3TDS) USB-C™ Travel Docking Station allows you to convert your MacBook into a complete workstation. This solution offers a wider variety of ports to give your MacBook the functionality of a workstation.

This compact piece is a brilliant way to improve your connectivity. The Cadyce CA-C3TDS Docking Station has multiple ports that helps convert a host Computer or Mac book into a desktop workstation. With additional ports like USB 3.0 for faster charging,             VGA ( resolution of up to (1920×1200@60Hz) and HDMI( resolution of up to 4kx2k@30Hz) ports for dual display,  it scores high on scalability. Moreover, it also permits you to access a high speed network using its Gigabit Ethernet port. The USB-C™ Female Port can charge your MacBook and is capable of carrying power up to 60W.

Rather than hooking up all the devices to your notebook one by one, the Cadyce CA-C3TDS docking station ensures everything you need is immediately at your fingertips when you sit down at your desk.

The Cadyce CA-C3TDS docking station serves as a central place to connect multiple peripherals, so you don’t have to plug and unplug adapters every time you switch devices. When you’re ready to take your MacBook on the road, the docking station is the only device you have to unplug. Your external monitor, scanner and mouse can stay connected to the docking station at home or the office.

The Cadyce CA-C3TDS is sleek and slim, rugged and stylish. Housed in elegant Aluminium casing it’s a great looking compliment to your laptop, and tough enough to follow you on your journey. There’s no better way to keep your workflow efficient on the move. And it fits in your pocket.

The Cadyce CA-C3TDS docking station allows you to connect your devices such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone and a wide variety of devices, whether it’s your mouse, keyboard, printers or screens, it allows you to increase your efficiency and connectivity. Compatible


with major operating systems such as Windows & Mac OS, the Cadyce CA-C3TDS is suitable for most current and future electronic devices.

Cadyce CA-C3TDS features:

USB-C/USB 3.0 Connection – Fast, plug & play connectivity

Multiple Peripherals – HDMI and VGA ports provides display at the same time, a Gigabit Ethernet port for faster networking, USB 3.0 Port for faster charging

Hot Desk Experience – Most devices can connect to the dock via USB, easy to plug and un-plug for meetings or portability


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